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From the delights of our kitchen
we bring you the very best in mouthwatering flavours with something to tempt all!

At Pretty Amazing Cakes all of our tried and tested recipes are baked from scratch using the finest, freshest ingredients, using free range eggs, English butter, Belgian chocolate and Tiptree or homemade jams & curds.

Our sponge cakes are generously triple layered with a delicious filling of your choice and coated with luxury Belgian chocolate ganache beneath a smooth top coat of Swiss Artisan Sugarpaste. This is to provide a flawless base on which we hand-embellish with our beautiful sugarcraft decoration.

We are able to provide Gluten Free options on request, and those flavours are marked (GF)
please see below for additional allergy advice.
Be Tempted . . .
Classic Victoria Sponge (GF)
Delicately flavoured with vanilla seed extract, layered with vanilla seed buttercream and a choice of the following:
  • Tiptree Raspberry, Strawberry or Apricot Conserve
  • Home-made Passion fruit curd or conserve
Romantic Vanilla & Pink Champagne (GF)
Vanilla sponge infused with Marc de Champagne, filled with strawberry champagne conserve buttercream to produce a delicate pink shade when cut.

NEW Sherry Trifle(GF)
Vanilla sponge baked with raspberries, drizzled with sweet sherry, filled with raspberry conserve & vanilla buttercream

Zesty Lemon Drizzle(GF)
Baked with lemon zest, drizzled with fresh zesty lemon syrup, filled with home-made lemon curd buttercream.

Citrus Fusion (GF)
Baked with orange & lemon zests, drizzled with orange & lemon syrup, filled with orange curd buttercream

Delicate Swiss White Chocolate cake (GF)
A blend of vanilla and white chocolate filled with Swiss white chocolate buttercream & strawberry conserve.
Cherry Almond Bakewell Cake (GF)
Baked with ground almonds, layered with almond buttercream and Tiptree morello cherry conserve

Tropical Coconut & Lime(GF)
Baked with coconut & lime zest, filled with lime curd and buttercream
Classic Chocolate Fudge Cake
Filled with your choice of:
  • Dark or white chocolate buttercream
  • Chocolate buttercream with salted caramel
  • Bailey's liqueur infused buttercream
Chocolate Orange Truffle Cake
Baked with fresh orange zest, drizzled with a Cointreau & Orange syrup, layered with a rich chocolate orange buttercream and tangy orange curd
Chocolate with Cherry or Raspberry
Our tasty fudge cake layered with chocolate & vanilla buttercreams with black cherry or raspberry conserve

Chocolate Coffee Mocha Cake
Chocolate & coffee flavoured sponge, layered with coffee and chocolate buttercreams and or salted caramel.

NEW White Chocolate with Salted Caramel
Moist vanilla sponge layered with creamy white chocolate buttercream and tasty salted caramel

Coffee & Walnut Cake
Layered with coffee, chocolate or vanilla buttercream

Carrot Cake with Walnuts & Sultanas (GF)
Plump sultanas soaked overnight in French Brandy, walnuts, coconut, orange zest, cinnamon & mixed spices, layered with orange & cinnamon buttercream.

Traditional Dark Fruit Cake: (8 weeks notice)
Vine fruits soaked overnight in French Brandy, cherries, citrus peel, ground almonds and spices. Matured in French Brandy, then covered with luxury white almond marzipan and fondant icing.
Dietary Advice and Allergen Information
  • Please inform us of any special dietary requirements and known allergies to any ingredients before ordering your cake. 
  • Nut Allergies: Our cakes are only baked with nuts where stated above. Nuts used in our kitchen are stored separately from other ingredients. We cannot guarantee a completely nut free environment or any nut contamination during manufacturing processes. 
  • Allergens: Our cakes contain: eggs, sugar, wheat flour (gluten), real butter, chocolate, fruit jams, milk and cream. Our fruit cake contains dried fruits, nuts, and alcohol. 
  • Special diets: We are happy to provide Gluten Free cakes baked with Doves Gluten Free Flour, but regret we do not offer vegan, vegetarian, sugar free or egg free cakes. 
  • Fresh Cream/Cream cheese: We do not provide cakes decorated or filled with fresh cream or cream cheese.  We do cover our sponge cakes with a thin layer of chocolate ganache (a blend of melted white chocolate and boiled cream), this layer is to provide a firm and smooth finish ready for the application of sugarpaste icing.
  • All ingredients used in your cake will be available on collection/delivery, including a full list of allergens as noted in bold text above.
  • Storage: Our cakes contain no artificial preservatives, and to be enjoyed at their best should be consumed within 72 hours. Iced sponge cakes should be kept in a cool/ambient room temperature but not in the fridge.
  • Our kitchen is fully registered with Bristol City Council for the safe preparation of food and we hold an up to date 5-star hygiene rating.
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